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Thank you for taking the time to take this survey. Your answers are anonymous, so please be as honest as possible.
Smart Gen Society will use the results of this survey to help understand the impact of smartphones, social media and digital saftey and privacy. The results of this survey will remain private and confidential.

A little bit about you.

Remember, your answers are anonymous, private, and confidential.

Let's talk about your smartphone.

For example, iPad, tablet, or smartphone.
For example, talking, FaceTime, texting, camera, videos, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and gaming.
For example, TV, computer, smartphone, tablet, Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and gaming.
If you've never enabled Screen Time, please enter N/A.
Check all that apply.
9. Of the following ways, I prefer talking with my friends:

Let's talk about social media.

14. I use the following social media platforms:

Let's talk about nudes.

Thinking about the past 12 months, please answer the following questions.
* Remember, your answers are anonymous and will be not be tied to you.

Let's talk about feelings.

27. For each group of words, choose which word you use to describe how social media makes you feel most of the time:
(Check all that apply.)
(Check all that apply.)

Final thoughts.

About this survey.

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