Toddlers and Tech

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Toddlers and Tech

Beyond screentime, this workshop helps parents and caregivers be intentional about introducing babies and children to smart devices, apps, and social media and actively engages parents to protect their children’s safety, mental health, and privacy.


Workshop Content

Light Tech Parenting

We'll help you set healthy boundaries towards screentime and talk about the long-term impacts of early access to smart devices and how screentime can impact your child's attention span, learning ability and create digital-based anxieties.

Digital Safety

We'll help you protect your children from predator exploitation and digital harm found in common digital gaming platforms and assist you in creating an intentional digital family plan for your home.

Caregiver Communication

We'll give you the language you need to ensure other caregivers (and parenting partners) understand and follow your healthy digital plan, and we'll give you the tools you need to transform your home into a light tech learning environment.

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