In our education sector, we aim to raise up “smart” schools, enlightened corporations, and informed families all across Nebraska and beyond. Through our keynote presentations, workshops, and resource tools, we impact students, educators, and parents every day.

Our educational workshops and seminars are designed to spark awareness of the effects of digital technology while activating critical thinking skills.  We work in the classroom, boardroom, and on the national stage to create a smart digital society. Our educational content reflects our mission to keep communities safe, on brand, and private on social media.

At Smart GEN Society, we envision a society where teens are empowered to be authentic on social media, reduce digital-based anxiety, and reject peer and predatory exploitation. We envision a society where kids wait until 13 to start social media, where parents are intentionally engaged with their families and the devices and apps they use, and where educators are responsibly using technology to enhance the educational environment. Through education, advocacy, and research, we are working with students, parents, and educators to encourage smart, genuine and safe digital habits. 

Through our 100 Schools Campaign and using our workshops and seminars, our educational mission is to speak in 100 schools this year and to impact 48,000 students, parents, and educators in the Greater Omaha and beyond.  

Workshops and Seminars Offered 

Smart Digital Branding
Parenting the iGen
Educating the iGen
Corporate and Business Seminars


If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us, call us, or browse our website for more information. One of our team members will respond to you in 1-2 business days. If you are interested in our services, please fill out the form below.