We know growing up in today's society is hard! In a world of digital dependency, we are connected 24/7 and sometimes it is hard to escape from the digital noise. We're here to help!

With earlier access to technology and increasing digital-based anxieties, we'll inform your students of the long-term impacts of our online activities. Our curriculum is designed to empower students to wait to use social media until they are ready. Our goal is to help them to enhance real-life relationships in the future and not replace them. Our primary education students are given the information in an age-appropriate manner designed to inform them, not scare them.


Our secondary education is catered to students from eighth grade to twelfth grade. With an older audience, our goal is to help prepare students to reenter the online world with the tools they need to prevent future peer and predator exploitation and ensure online safety and privacy. We give them the tools they need to actively protect themselves and their peers from the many struggles young people can face in the digital world.
SGS serves K-12 youth and their families, primarily in partnership with public and private schools. We work to provide a triangular system of support around today’s youth through proven effective in-school workshops and seminars, classroom curriculum, and digital resources. With the support of the UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute, SGS workshops are driven by ongoing social and digital media research which allows us to tailor workshop content to meet the immediate needs of our students and families.
Each presentation is an hour-long and functions in seminar-style to encourage open conversation and dialogue among peers and participants. In-person presentations meet the school’s proposed COVID guidelines to ensure the safety of our community. SGS also offers virtual presentations to cater to a wide audience of students, parents, and educators across the country in a more accessible way.