In our engagement sector, we want to build relationships with key community organizations, leaders, and members in order to facilitate our mission: Empowering Smart Choices in a Digital World. Through our keynote presentations, workshops, and resource tools, we impact students, educators, and parents every day.

Our educational workshops and seminars are designed to spark awareness of the effects of digital technology while activating critical thinking skills. These impacted individuals can then choose to volunteer with SGS. Interns/Volunteers in this sector of SGS have the opportunity to participate in Podcasting, Student Featured Writing (blog, newsletter, website, publications, etc.), Vlogs, SGS Community Events, Networking, Public Relations, Promotions, Advertising, Grant-writing, SMART Digital Media Marketing, and Content Editing.

SGS also engages with the community through various events throughout Omaha including fundraising game nights, app launch event, and Lunch & Learn events for teachers and parents. Through our various media campaigns, the SGS engagement mission is to double our overall influence and reach over the course of August 2019-May 2020. SGS engages communities to protect themselves to reduce the risks of technology and social media.  We provide native tools and resources for students, parents, and educators.

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