Presentation Services

Smart Gen Society’s foundation is grounded on a three-part approach to activate awareness, promote protection, and exceedingly empower students directly through positive peer-to-peer interaction, family support, and educational environments. 

Each one-hour, interactive seminar, is delivered by a certified SGS facilitator. Each seminar is specific to specific topics, maturity, and grade levels.

Smart Digital Branding for Students

Researched based curriculum for K-12 in partnership with The Monroe-Meyer Institute. We know growing up today is hard! In a world of digital dependency, we are connected 24/7 and sometimes it’s hard to escape from the digital noise.

Power of Social Media

This presentation works closely with students to discuss the importance of prioritizing their mental health. They’ll learn how to combat online exploitation and red flags for online exploitation. We will also cover how to have open communication surrounding digital spaces and devices with caregivers, along with maintaining a positive digital brand.