7 Ideas For Tech-Free Summer Activities For Omaha Girls And Boys

7 Ideas For Tech-Free Summer Activities For Omaha Girls And Boys

Busy-ness and life take over: apps shoot you notifications, emails need to be answered, phone calls need to be returned, and games must be played. Right? Not so fast. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy real family time, off screens and away from technology. This week, we’re laying out some ideas for tech-free family time that Omaha girls, boys, and families can incorporate into their summer plans.

Water Adventures

Snorkeling and swimming are two of the most common water adventures and for these, tech isn’t really a great match. No one likes having to replace a phone or tablet because you’ve dropped it in water!

Since we’re stuck here in the middle of the country, snorkeling schools are your best bet for deep water exploring, but you can go swimming in one of the many lakes or pools around Nebraska and have some great family time.

Another fun water adventure is river tubing. You can take a few hours to float down a river in the sun. Relaxing and outside, away from tech!

Beach Picnics Or Park Picnics

Packing a picnic meal and heading to your closest beach or park (or, heck, even the one furthest away!) can make for some fun family time and can be screen-free! Some of our favorite places in and around Omaha include Branched Oak State Park (beaches AND picnic areas!), Pipal Park, and Hummel Park.

Hiking And Nature Trails

One of the best things about living in the Midwest is the abundance of nature and hiking trails in and around our homes. You can choose shorter ones for quick adventures or if you have little ones; or you can take a whole day hike through a state park or on one of the river trails.

Library Activities

The Omaha Public Libraries plan summer programs for the whole family. From storytimes for little ones to summer reading programs for school-age kids to movie nights for families, OPL likes to keep Omaha girls, boys, and families engaged with each other and using tech in smart ways.

Area Festivals

Omaha and the surrounding communities like to celebrate! We have a number of parish or school festivals, other area events, and music festivals that pop up throughout the summer. One of the biggest music festivals is Maha (if you go, don’t forget to check out our Smart Girl booth - we’re making scrunchies!).

Touring Historical Sites

Many historical sites in and around Omaha offer tours and different family activities all summer long. One of the most popular is Joslyn Castle, a huge mansion in the heart of Midtown Omaha.

The Safari Park Or The Zoo

Families can also take a trip to either the safari park located right outside of Omaha or go to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. The safari park boasts many new animals this year and has miles of hiking trails. The zoo is spread out over multiple acres and offers educational and fun opportunities for families to spend time together.


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