7 Signs Of A Toxic Friendship

7 Signs Of A Toxic Friendship

7 Signs of A Toxic Friendship

By: Olivia Wells

Ever feel like your existence is bothering your best friend? Or that your friendship is a one way street of you giving 100% and receiving nothing? You are most likely in a toxic friendship, and girl let me tell you, I have had my fair share of toxic friendships. It’s important you notice the signs that your friendship is toxic so you don’t let them affect you for the worse.

1. They Always Have Something Negative To Say About You

For the longest time, I always thought my best friend since middle school was just giving me helpful criticism to benefit myself. However, when the only words coming out of her mouth when talking to me were negative, I knew this is not what friendship is about. Friendship is about building up character and self esteem. Not tearing down their confidence and making them insecure. If you feel as if your friend is just trying to knock you down and not help you up, get out now.

2. They Don’t Listen

Ever have that friend that is so quick to call you when they have problems and expect you to be there for them, but the moment you need them, they’re busy? Yeah, that is what you call a toxic friend. Friends who do this leave you feeling more lonely than you realize. Friendships are not a one way street. The only way to receive 100% is to give 100%. If you find yourself giving 100% towards a friend who isn’t giving you 100% back, it’s time to let them go.

3. They Get Mad At You Easily

It is perfectly normal to experience conflict in a friendship. However, toxic friends seem to always find something to get angry about and pull an argument out of thin air. In seventh grade, my best friend in the world stopped talking to me, blocked me on everything, and completely shunned me for saying HELLO to her boyfriend IN THE HALLS at school. What good friend does that?? Friends like my seventh grade BFF are toxic because they cannot work out simple problems in a mature manner.

4. You Feel “Some Timed”

The only time they are around you is when they have a partner or need help with their relationship. However, the second they are committed you’re totally invisible. If I were in their position, I would happily spend time with my new partner, but a true friend knows how to balance friendships and relationships.

5. You’re Tired Of Being The Only One Trying

Friendships are a two way street, you both have to try to make it work. Every time you make plans, she cancels on you or gives you poor excuses for not showing up. I get it, we all get busy but true friends value and respect your time and look forward to seeing you.

6. You Are Never Happy Around Them

It is one thing to be sad from a broken heart or even depressed, but to have someone drain all your positive energy just from being with them is not a beneficial situation to be in. Friends are supposed to be there for you through thick and thin. If your friendship isn’t that great when you are facing tough times, she is what you call a “fair weather friend” and you do not want a friend like that! A real, supportive friend will always find ways to help you deal with rough times.

7. They’re Pessimistic About Everything

You find yourself keeping good news from them because they somehow always manage to make you feel undeserving of whatever good fortunes come your way, or they make your good news sound like a scam.

Friends like so will always be toxic… You cannot change someone unless they want to be changed. If you find yourself with any of these situations, get yourself out of the friendship.