A deeper dive into the positive effects of social networking

A deeper dive into the positive effects of social networking

While it can be scary for parents to read blogs about  sextortion, sexting, and cyberbullying, the internet can also have positive effects of social networking on young adults. Technology is a wonderful tool that we can use to further education, entertain ourselves, and connect with people we wouldn’t normally be able to connect with. It’s all true! Today, we’re taking a deeper dive into the positive effects of social media and technology in our lives.

What Are Five Positive Effects Of Social Networking?

Furthers Education

While educating one-on-one teacher-to-student is ideal in most education, it isn’t practical in today’s education system. Educators being able to use videos, online tutorials, and other online tools from reputable sources can help reinforce what students are learning in their books and classrooms and “drive home” the lessons to make them stick.

Creates Socially-Conscious Individuals

With information at one’s fingertips, it’s no longer necessary to be ignorant on any topic that you want to learn about. Children and adults alike can research diseases, disabilities, political issues, social issues, religious issues, or anything else they’d like to. There is no longer an excuse to “not know” about something.

Encourages Innovation And Creativity

The positive effects of social media can include triggering our own creative juices. When you see your friends’ photography or artwork, or read an inspiring piece by one of your favorite writers, you may be inspired to create some content of your own. In addition, when you put your innovative or creative masterpiece “out there” on the internet, you invite people to critique your work and can use that to build your talent.

Eases Communication Issues

Social media gives people a chance to stay in touch with more people. It’s fun to see who’s graduating, or got a scholarship, or had a baby, or got engaged. There’s no need to wait for class reunions to see updates on classmates. Social media also allows educators to stay in touch with past students and see how their lives are going.

Provides Inexpensive Entertainment

Social media can provide cheap entertainment. YouTube videos on any variety of topics, from educational videos to a channel devoted to your favorite online games. It’s easy to entertain yourself for a few minutes at a time just by quickly scrolling through your feed.


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