A Look Into Uber For Parents - Good Idea Or Bad?

A Look Into Uber For Parents - Good Idea Or Bad?

It seems like such a great, simple idea: Using Uber for parents to manage their kids’ transportation. Just tap on the Uber app icon on your phone or mobile device and get your child to and from practice, even if you’re stuck in a meeting or in traffic!

It’s a long-running joke that parents double as chauffeurs for their kids until their children can start driving. To some extent, this is true. But what about when mom or dad are stuck at work, an event or preoccupied with another child? Uber might be the solution.

What is the major advantage of Uber for parents?

Convenient, cashless transportation.

You can book transportation for your kids at just the tap of your thumb. Okay, maybe it’s slightly more complicated than that, but it can all be done from your smartphone.

In addition, since payments are made through the Uber app, your child doesn’t have to have extra cash on hand to pay the driver.

Now, the drawbacks of Uber for parents booking kid transportation:

Uber wasn’t designed to let kids travel alone.

Minors aren’t allowed to sign up for Uber accounts through the app. And the company’s policy is not to pick up unaccompanied minors. Drivers are doing it anyway, though, for fear of a bad review.

Breaking the terms of service agreement.

If parents book kids’ rides, then they’re breaking the terms of service of Uber by asking drivers to transport unaccompanied minors. Some parents even allow their children to put the Uber app on their own phones with their parents’ login information to request rides.

In Conclusion

Our Smart Girl research leads us to believe that Uber can be a very dangerous option.

If you have our Smart Girl app, you can pull up our review of the Uber app and see that we’re not fans for anyone in the under-18 crowd. Uber collects and sells data and tracks your location. In addition, we say: “Uber is a ride sharing service, useful for hiring a car in needed situations. Drivers are not given background checks and there have been multiple news reports about assaults by Uber drivers.”


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