An Open Letter To: Incoming High School Freshman

An Open Letter To: Incoming High School Freshman

 Hello friends. We’re getting to the time of year that every parent loves and every student hates, the beginning of the school year. I know that it is a crazy and stressful time, but it is also meant to be the best time of your life. So with that being said, here are some things you need to know before starting high school.

1.    Don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend. High school is about discovering yourself, not trying to please someone else. I know “being” with someone is fun, but to be honest, it’s a waste of time. The truth is, it won’t last. So if you’re going steady with someone, do some hard thinking whether they are worth your time.

2.    Stay on top of school work. Study, Study, Study. The most important thing to do is to know what you’re doing in the classes you take. So do your homework and study once a night. You will need that information at one point. And never get in the habit of procrastination.

3.    It’s never too early to start saving. College is very expensive. The earlier you start to save the better off you’ll be. If you have a job put $50-$75 dollars of your pay check into a savings account every time you get paid. That’s twice a month for four years. That will give you between $4,800-$7,200 dollars when you finish high school.

4.    Make friends that you can keep. 

Having friends is important, you have an automatic movie buddy and a shoulder to cry on. It’s practically the best thing since sliced bread. However, try to make friends you can keep all throughout high school, and for the rest of your life. Don’t waste your own time by hanging out with the “fabulous” cliques who don’t appreciate you. Instead make a friend who loves and cares about you.

5.    It okay to have fun.

By fun I mean seeing a few movies or throwing a party (the kind without illegal things). High school isn’t meant to be this prison where you can’t do anything, you need to enjoy your time there.

6.    School supplies matter less. A one dollar notebook works the same as a name brand seven dollar notebook. Don’t buy the most expensive, most colorful things, because everything cheaper is just as good. But do invest in some good pencils, or else you will struggle hardcore.

7.    Your parents are trying their best. The thing about parents is they think they know what high school is like still, but it has changed a lot. They will bother you about things and the best way to get around those things is to do them. Don’t be an angsty teen and shut down just keep your cool and do your best.

8.    You’re not your grade/score. Don’t define yourself by your grades. If you average all B’s that’s okay. Grades aren’t life or death. If you had all A’s going in to high school, don’t be surprised (or upset) when you get your first B. It is bound to happen and it’s not the end of the world. But don’t let it slip down to a D because that won’t look good in the future.

9.    Join a club. It’s the easiest way to make friends, and to become a part of a group. Plus colleges love kids who are involved in clubs.

10.  Don’t be an annoying jerk. Nothing is worse than a freshman who is an annoying jerk. It’s not cool and everyone will hate you. That includes teachers, upper classmates, your own peers and everyone else.

11. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Maybe take a class you have never heard of, or try bringing your lunch to school. Be adventurous, but you also need to be safe.

12. Don’t take a date to homecoming. Go with a group of girlfriends, you will have a much better time, plus it’s more fun to get your dance on.

13. Focus on things that are important to you. The cool thing about high school is that you can do your own thing. If you want to be an engineer than take lots of computer classes. If you want to be a teacher, join the education academy. Learn who you are and what makes you happy in high school.

14. Don’t focus on the little things. “OMG Becky is totally wearing the same shirt as you.” Things like that don’t matter, just shake it off, and move on.

15.  Getting rid of bad friends is okay. If you had an apple that was all moldy, you wouldn’t want to keep it, you would want to throw it away. Some friends can be very bad apples, don’t be afraid to toss them. Just do it as nicely as possible.

16.  Get a job. Maybe wait a semester or two, but having a job can be a lot of fun. You can do anything from watch kids, walk dogs, mow lawns,  or even make coffee. A job is a great way to make some extra cash, but as soon as your job gets in the way of school, your job has got to go.

17. Goodwill is the best. You never know what hidden gems you will find. Plus the prices are the best around. Not to mention you can find the perfect Halloween costumes there.

18. Stress is bound to happen. With all the hard classes that high schools offer you may get very stressed, very fast. All you have to do is take a deep breath and take a ten minute break. Don’t over stress yourself because it won’t be fun for anyone.

High school is a crazy mess of things. It’s big, loud, and all over the place. Kind of like a baby sister! At the end of the day you will have the best time in high school. As you get older and look back at your freshman year you will probably think, ‘wow I looked like that?’ but that’s what high school is about. Making memories (even the cringe worthy ones). So enjoy your first year of high school, because it’s only the beginning of your whole life. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me or ask in the comments below!

Until next time, Maya.