An Open Letter To Parents : From Your Nanny (Part 1)

An Open Letter To Parents : From Your Nanny (Part 1)

**This blog post series (two parts) was written by our SGS Ambassador, Allie Swanson (and only slightly edited by our writing crew).**

Dear Parents,

It is undeniable that you are busy people, and raising children is often tedious or impossible without a little help from friends, family - or a nanny. Why? Because every person faces the “work vs. family vs. personal” conundrum that moms and dads have been dealing with since the beginning of time.

With the chaos and stress that surrounds most parents daily, families are relying on grandmothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors, or trusted friends to watch their children. The end goal? To give your child the best life he or she could possibly image and ultimately surpass you and your achievements.

While this is the dream, and while it might be necessary to get as much help as possible in order for there to be balance in your marriage, family, and work life, the reality is that there will be effects of other people parenting your kid.

Between your specific parenting strategies, the teacher’s worldview and school’s beliefs, religious guidance, coaches, friends, pop culture, social media, etc. your kid is going to be influenced by more than just you.

Try not to let this overwhelm you as a parent, because there are resources to help. With that said, the more people that have a say in raising your child, the better everyone needs to be with their communication on what we want and how we want our kids to be raised.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Nanny?

What makes a good nanny? Most parents would agree that they want someone who:

  • Is nurturing,
  • Is responsible,
  • Loves children,
  • Is punctual,
  • Is trustworthy,
  • Is flexible,
  • Is reliable,
  • Is communicative (with both parents and kids!),
  • Is intelligent,
  • Is adaptable,
  • Is good with kids, and
  • Is someone who you actually like.

Parents want someone with good references, good ethics, and good people skills.

Parents want all of the information in order to make a proper decision for their family and for their children.

But… What if I told you there was one aspect that many parents don’t think about? What is this one thing that could endanger the safety or security of your child? What if I told you that there is something missing from all of those vetted nanny platforms?

What Do Parents Need To Know?

Everything that you do online (posts, likes, tweets, retweets, shares, comments), adds to your digital footprint or digital DNA. At SGS, we like to call this your digital brand.

Just like big companies like Nike and Amazon have an image or a brand, you also have a personal brand online. It says a lot about who you are, what you are interested in, and personal facts about your life that you would be surprised are on the internet.

How Does This Relate To Nannies?

Nowadays, we are seeing a huge wave of distracted caregivers. Whether it is texting, being on the phone, watching videos, scrolling through social media, or posting pictures or video of the children they are babysitting, recently we have see an uptick in parents’ concern on this topic.

Many parents are completely unaware whether or not the caregiver is taking pictures or videos of their kids, what they are doing with those pictures or videos, and what that means for their kids. Most would probably have a strong opinion on this topic and would vote for less distracted time away from watching their children.

Ten years ago, the issue was that caregivers carried cell phones and weren’t paying attention to your child. Whether they were talking or texting, their phones were never more than an arm’s reach away. Nowadays, this problem hasn’t changed for the better, it’s gotten worse.

In this digital age, we are aware of the positives of technology and how tech can help us communicate over long distances, and help us organize our schedules. Technology can remember things for us and help explain how to do things. It can allow us to work from home or create a business from scratch.

For a nanny, he or she could need to contact emergency services, to check in with the parent throughout the day, or call if they have any questions. Phones have their use, don’t get me wrong! I am pro-technology. However, we need to be aware of how much tech is being used, and its effects on behavior, personality, and brain development.

Next week, we’ll be back with Stories from nanny experiences and tips for parents on how to best handle this childcare situation!

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