App Checklist for Parents

App Checklist for Parents

Get in the Know

In this world of digital dependency, it is important that families are equipped with the tools to succeed. That is why we have taken the time to develop our free app rating resource page to better guide parents along this process. Take a look at the apps we outline and then check your child’s phone to see if any of the heavy hitters are on their screens.



The fact of the matter is that social media is not private media and children need to understand that whatever they post, like, tweet, or comment on will last forever. Our best recommendation is to attend one of our Parenting the iGen seminars to find out how to keep your child safe and private online. We offer free sessions at various times during the year so make sure to check out our workshop calendar for upcoming dates and times.


Where to start?

The average age a child receives a smartphone in the U.S. is 10.3. We encourage families to think critically about the implications this has on the important developmental stages of children. COPPA Laws indicate no child under the age of 13 should have a social media account.


The Filthy Fourteen

It is our recommendation that you remove these apps immediately from your child’s phone because there are major safety and privacy concerns for minors and families.

  1. AfterSchool App
  3. House Party
  4. Kik Messenger App
  5. Lipsi App
  6. Mappen App
  7. MyLOL App
  8. Omegle App
  9. Roblox
  10. Sarahah App
  11. Tbh App
  12. Tik Tok App
  13. Tinder
  14. Whisper App

Why these apps?

Take a look at SGS's Resource Page for an in-depth anaylsis on their privacy, safety and content.