Are there positive effects from social media for teens?

Are there positive effects from social media for teens?

Can there be positive effects on teens from using social media responsibly? Absolutely! Social media has become increasingly important in the everyday lives of many people. And while we routinely highlight dangers and the evil side of having an online presence or misusing social media, we have found that there are also benefits to using social media mindfully.

Social Media Can Encourage Creativity & Innovation

Social media sites and apps are content-driven. Whether it’s posting a picture of yourself and your friends or writing a blog post or just posting a quick status update, this creativity and story composition prompts teens to participate and engage the right side of their brains and tap into their creative powers.

If you have a teen who likes to take pictures, social media sites for picture uploads can help them sharpen their talents and can prompt them to take their skills to the next level. If you have a teen who likes to write, then having them share some of their thoughts on social media can encourage them to open up.

Social Media Can Encourage Social Skill Development

Teens today are used to engaging with their peers on a daily basis through social media, texting, and apps. Instead of the socially awkward experiences of middle/high school, teens can expand their social circles and develop new friendships based on common, safe interests. Social media encourages communication and socialization.

Social Media Can Help Teens Develop Awareness Of The World Around Them

Many teens in today’s society live somewhat sheltered lives. With social media outlets, however, they can develop a better sense of awareness about society and the world around them. To develop into socially-responsible citizens, it’s imperative that they learn about and are curious about issues that touch them, their immediate communities, and the world in general. With this barrage of news items coming at them via news outlets/programs, magazines, and social networking sites, teens can realize that life is more than just what parties are coming up or what teachers they have for math.

Social Media Can Help Teens Get In Touch With Their Heroes

Most celebrities or well-known people have embraced social media and use it to stay engaged with their fans. Teens don’t need to stand in line for hours for autographs or write letters/emails to their favorite celebrity’s agents, they can shoot their heroes a quick tweet or comment on a status and engage with them, which can be thrilling for them.

Social Media Is Cheap Entertainment

Okay, maybe this is a positive effect for parents more than teens, but social media really is cheap entertainment for them. They can quickly catch up with friends, find out who’s seeing what movie that weekend, look through some pictures of vacations, watch clips on YouTube from their favorite YouTubers, or catch up on their shows.

Social Media Can Be Used For Education

And PLEASE don’t tell your teens about this one! But, yes, social media sites can be used for education. Teens can quickly look up how to do something on YouTube or ask friends for help with a tough homework assignment on social media.

Social Media Can Hone Real World Skills

Through social media use, teens can learn how to effectively communicate with people other than their peers, such as educators, parents, older generations, potential interviewers, potential employers, and more.


With these benefits, it’s hard to make a good case against using social media altogether, but rather focus on using it responsibly. Smart Girl Society, Inc., is an Omaha-based nonprofit working to educate and inspire Smart & Confident girls, women, & families. Through educational workshops, civil outreach programs, and technology & social media research, we work with girls, parents, & educators to authenticity on social media and in real life. We educate how to remain safe on social media and how to avoid becoming a target of sextortion. We also inspire action for students to focus on their personal brand development, leadership, educational opportunities, and healthy social skills. Interested in learning more? Check us out!