Choose Ghost Mode in SnapChat

Choose Ghost Mode in SnapChat

One of today’s most popular social media sites is Snapchat in which users send images and videos with text. Since it was created, Snapchat has skyrocketed in popularity across all ages, making it fourth in the app store against all other free applications. To put that into perspective, there are roughly 2.2 million applications available to download. Needless to say, Snapchat is extensively liked among many.  In its most recent update, Snapchat provided the “Snap Maps” feature in which users can see the locations of all of their friends. Though to some this might be a fun feature, it is quite controversial.

I myself wasn’t aware I was showing all 396 of my friends my location until Smart Girl Society’s very own CEO Amie Konwinski showed me where I lived and where I had gone in the last 24 hours!!! Not only is this update creepy but also unsafe considering the user is not notified if someone is tracking their location. Already, there have been reports of stalking and privacy threats due to this new feature. In addition to that, Snap Maps have also created cases of bullying since being released in late June.

Thankfully, Snapchat has offered the option to go into “Ghost Mode” meaning the user hides their location. To go into ghost mode, a user has to go into their Snapchat settings and go to “See My Location” under the “Who Can” tab. It is so important to step back and understand the risks of putting your location out for everyone to see. Snapchat is not the first social media cite offering the option to openly share a user’s location and probably will not be the last. Other social media sites offer options similar to ghost mode to protect a user’s location.

As a current user and lover of social media, I understand the want to use it, but only to an extent. Being tracked without your knowledge and having your privacy threatened isn’t worth staying with the newest updates and trends. As a Smart Girl, I encourage you to spread the word about Snap Maps and take five seconds of your time to go into Ghost mode!!!

Stay Smart,