Discovering your JOMO

Discovering your JOMO

If you’ve attended one of our Smart Girl workshops or talks, you’ll know we often discuss the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Today, we’re going to dive into FOMO’s better side - the Joy Of Missing Out (JOMO).

JOMO is defined by as:

“The pleasure derived from no longer worrying about missing out on what other people are doing or saying.”

Even our smart girls and guys fall prey to being too “wired” in our modern society. Constantly being on our devices, checking social media and email and binge-watching our favorite streaming shows turned us into prisoners of our digital lives. This can sneak up on you subtly, but eventually it can take over to the point where you may be feeling there’s something “off” in your life and you’re entertaining putting yourself through a Digital Detox.

Before you take that step, though, let’s talk about embracing the JOMO.

If FOMO,is anxiety over other people leading more exciting and rewarding lives than you, it can be exacerbated by social media feeds. It is reasonable JOMO can be discovered partially through cutting some social media out (or down) in your life.

In addition to cutting out social media, what other steps can you take to discover your JOMO?

  • Give yourself permission to say no.
    So many times, smart girls and guys sometimes fall into the “yes trap” and try to people-please by taking on too much. By allowing yourself the space to say no to social events you don’t want to go to, do extra work you don’t want to take on or anything else that can fill the time you need for yourself, you can give yourself that “me time” to recharge.

  • Give yourself permission to “not keep up” with anyone else or anything that’s “trending.”
    This mindset may take some time to get used to. As John E. McIntyre of The Baltimore Sun put it though, keeping up is overrated.

  • Think about what makes you happy and recharges your batteries.
    Is there a craft or activity that makes you feel better when you’re working on it or after you’ve spent time on it? Many people like to work with their hands like gardening or crafts. Some like to read books. Others like to take long walks or hikes. If you don’t already have something like this in your life, discover some new activities until you find something “more like you” and less like a stressed-out, anxious monster.

  • Be in the moment.
    With devices at our fingertips for most of the day and near-constant interaction, it’s difficult for many people to “unplug” and actually be in the moment, wherever they are. By practicing mindfulness and appreciating the little moments in life, you can help yourself enjoy those moments more.
    Warning: This may take some practice before it becomes second-nature to you!!

One of the benefits of discovering and embracing your JOMO is when you’re ready to step back into the “busy-ness” of life, you may be able to reconnect with some of the positive effects of social media and technology again.


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