Fall semester means a social media reset

Fall semester means a social media reset

Students, welcome back! Whether you are entering this school year as freshmen or part of the class of 2019, the return is undoubtedly exciting. Regardless of which grade you are in, a social media reset is in order.

What you post now on social media can follow you into the future whether you are applying for college or jumpstarting your career. This is called leaving a digital footprint. But you can make sure you leave a trail of positive impressions by following these tips!

Google yourself: 

First, Google yourself. You can type your name  in different ways: your first name with last initial, nickname and the name on your resume. Ideally, you want to be searchable, but don’t let that search decide your future in less than five minutes.

You need to pay attention what comes up on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other accounts. (If you’ve been in some legal trouble, make sure you know if it is searchable). Always know what people are going to find.

Start with an updated LinkedIn and work down

If you are going to be searching for internships and potential jobs, then make sure  your LinkedIn is updated.  Do not forget to  add a professional headshot. 

 Leave selfies in the camera roll. Look at your accomplishments, achievements and work experience. Add all of this.

Second, include  this to your Facebook page. You can easily add work history, charity work, internships and more. This means get rid of any eyebrow-raising posts like political rants  or a night of hard partying!

Third, if you can’t get rid of those “cute” partying picture, then  please make your accounts private. This includes Facebook, Instagram and other accounts. All of this sets up your digital brand.

Your potential roommates

Hi, incoming freshman. Your roommate situation can add some serious stress onto your life your first semester and every semester to come.

Whether you know the person or not, you want to start with a clean slate. If you get your room assignment and your roommate is very, very serious about their studies, then delete those party pictures! This doesn’t mean change yourself, just don’t lead with the wrong impression.

Scholarships are a big deal

You can apply for scholarships all year long at some schools. It depends on a number of factors. The biggest thing is don’t lose a great opportunity for  free money because of your social media. The student who doesn’t look like they study or are very academic will most likely not get picked over someone else who looks the opposite.

Remember the old saying, “a picture is worth a 1,000 words?” Well,  social media is worth much more! Get that internship, live in peace, receive scholarship money and more with the right social media haul this semester.


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