Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Hello friends! If you’re like me you gotta catch ‘em all. The brand new craze is Pokémon GO, and the team at SGS is loving it. The idea of the game is to get people up and active to find all the Pokémon they can. No more playing from the comfort of your own home – the game is fun, gets people up and active, and has many exciting and fun features, in which you can hunt, farm, battle, and win Pokémon prizes.  Before you jump in, here is six things you NEED to Know:

1.  Always play with a group

It’s all about safety in numbers. The game is much more fun to play with friends (plus a lot easier to take gyms!), but keep in mind your safety when playing. Play in groups, and in areas where there are usually a lot of nearby people (shops, neighborhoods, parks, etc.) You never know who is playing or who is wandering around Pokéstops. Being around others is a simple way to stay safe and have more fun with the app!

2. NEVER drive and play

It’s dangerous to text and drive, it’s even more dangerous to hunt and drive. If you’re using the group method and are exploring around town via car, the passenger is ALWAYS the NAVIGATOR, aka PHONE MASTER.  And don’t hunt on the interstate, hy-ways, by-ways or busy streets!  You don’t want to cause a major accident like this Trainer.  If you see a 380cp Pikachu don’t stop in the middle of the street in a neighborhood. Just use common sense, park safely on the side of the road, or have the Phone Master catch it for you.

3. Play during the day

Playing at night is fun, but you never know who’s out there. Just be safe. Try to play in a populated area with lights. Avoid parks at night, especially secluded ones with lots of woodland areas. They can be very sketchy. Plus, there are not many Pokémon at night, you’ll find a lot better and stronger Pokémon during the day.

4. Be aware of Pokéstops and lures

Make sure you know where you are and in an area that you feel comfortable in.  You will be much safer staying in familiar surroundings, rather than a place you have never been. Now, Pokémon Go will not take you to a deserted alleyway or a sketchy dumpster spot, it’s pretty good about keeping poke stops in well populated areas. Still, lures are something to be aware of. This is another reason you shouldn’t be playing at night.  If a lure set at 2:00 am, expect sketchy and not worth checking out!  ANYONE could set the lure and you never know if they are honest or just looking to rob you (or worse). Always be safe Hunting!

5. Know your surroundings

So, here’s the deal – Injuries are happening, the struggle is real.  Yes, it’s very easy to get distracted, but watch out. Don’t run into people, trees, benches, animals, parked cars, or anything. Be careful and be polite to others whether they are playing or not. Remember, you may be playing a virtual reality, but you’re still in the real world. Real world concepts still apply.

6. Have Fun

The game is meant to get you up and active, and that’s what is so great about it.  Get out there, have fun with it and meet people. And don’t be embarrassed because EVERYONE is doing it, including us. It’s a super fun game that anyone at any age can play. So Go Catch ‘em all.

Until next time,