How can social media be used for education purposes?

How can social media be used for education purposes?

We’ve written on the benefits of social media for teens before on our blog in our posts, “A deeper dive into the positive effects of social networking” and “Are there positive effects from social media for teens?” Today, we’re looking at one specific way social media can benefit tech savvy tweens and teens. That’s when it’s used appropriately for educational purposes.

What are the educational benefits of social media for teens?

Social media enhances classroom activities

Educators can enhance their planned classroom activities with social media. In addition, since social media is seen as “new” or “cool,” educators can keep students engaged by utilizing this newer technology.

Social media enhances the sense of “community” in a classroom

With social media, teachers and students can speak more about projects, homework and concepts they’re struggling with. Or maintain healthy conversations originating in the classroom.  

Social media can help students collaborate with other students

Collaborations can make studying more efficient for students. Tech savvy students are  known to create a course or study group hashtag to keep conversations about certain classes or subjects trending.

They can also start a contact list or group to share study tips.

Team projects can be managed effectively on various social media platforms, too.

Engaged students even invite their teachers to follow group conversations or join in chats!

Social media can enhance student relationships

Social media actually helps socially anxious or extremely introverted students become more comfortable by interacting with their classmates.

Social media can help those who miss class

If another student or the teacher records the lecture, then a student can watch it on social media later.

Social media can help students build their networks

Adults and businesspeople know networks can make or break you in life.

Social media gives today’s students the chance to build these networks and form communities based on common interests, educational levels, beliefs and more.

Social media offers students an exciting way to get more information on topics they’re interested in

If a student attends a class or lecture on something they’re interested in, social media offers them a way to reach out to experts or influencers in a field to get more answers. They can also follow or become fans of the authors of the books used in classes.

Using social media in the classroom gives students a leg up on the competition in the job market

Tech savvy students who use social media in the classroom in positive ways have a leg up when it comes to jobs outside of school. Social media marketing is an explosive career right now. Those skills make students much more marketable in a number of professions!

Social media is an important tool for education.

Social media is a useful and supplemental tool for education, but it doesn’t replace educators or schools. Responsible use of social media comes by creating effective boundaries around the access to ensure the privilege isn’t being abused and children remain safe.


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