How To Give During The Holidays

How To Give During The Holidays

by Kelsy Taylor

Amidst the spending frenzy over the Holiday season, it’s worth taking the time to remember not to stress about finding that special something to give a loved one. Giving the perfect gift is actually easier than we make it. And the simple act of giving itself goes a long way.

Here are ways we have found to give back this Holiday season; some obvious, and some a little different:

1. Pay It Forward

This is an easy one, and it literally can spread a long way. Next time you’re in the drive-thru, or in line at the coffee shop, tell the cashier you’d like to pay for the person behind you, and make sure they tell that person to “pay it forward”. We all know the concept. You might not see their reaction, but I’m sure it’ll brighten their day. And, who knows, maybe if you stop back in two hours and it will still be going!

2. Give a genuine compliment each day

Double points if it’s to a stranger. Here’s a “gift” you can give for free. I know this sounds simple, but it might mean more to someone than you think. Compliments make people feel good about themselves, and with all the stress around this time of the year, people need that.

3. Make Charitable Donations

Something we should all do more. This can be done in so many ways. You can help out and give your time at a local homeless shelter. There are food drives currently in motion all over the community, like donating canned goods or making meals for others. Even giving extra spare change to the Salvation Army through those buckets at the grocery stores can do so much good.

4. Adopt A Family

So many families out there aren’t able to give their children anything for Christmas. Instead of giving mindless gadgets to your extended family, suggest that you all adopt a family, and give something that someone actually needs.

5. Give back to those you already know

Sometimes even simply doing a favor for a family member can be rewarding. Take the time on your day off and go help out a grandparent around the house. Volunteer your time to help other people with their stress around the holidays.

6. Call a friend you haven’t talked to all year

Know that person you haven’t talked to in ages? Give them a call and wish them a Merry Christmas. Good friends can be hard to keep contact with, but this is the perfect time to reconnect. Among the busyness, take a half hour and call them up. Or go a step further and send Christmas cards with personal notes, to all of your close friends/relatives you haven’t heard from in a while.

Smart Girls believe that giving is just as fun (if not more) than receiving. Be on the lookout for our gift to the Omaha area, compliment cards placed all throughout the metro!