Midwest Premier Academy Partnership with Smart Gen Society

Midwest Premier Academy Partnership with Smart Gen Society

OMAHA, Neb. Smart Gen Society (SGS) is excited to announce its partnership with Midwest Premier Academy. SGS is delighted to educate, support and empower all members of Midwest Premier Academy by discussing expectations held by their coaches and teammates when it comes to social media use amongst their teams. SGS’s curriculum will help give teams the tools to protect the student-athletes online brand and avoid any inappropriate circumstances. The center of the educational content is to remain safe, private and authentic in the online atmosphere. 

“We at Midwest Premier Academy are building a foundation that coincides with empowering smart choices in a digital world. SGS are leaders in organizational, preventive, and proactive measures in the communities to offset the negative implications of social media in society and are immersed in technologies and education to safely manage them,” says Digger Hawkins, the Executive Director of MPA. “We are profoundly excited to merge with a game-changer in this field of expertise, Smart Gen Society. Redefining how our kids utilize social media and use it appropriately is imperative, especially in the current climate of society. SGS is foundational leaders in a social media society. We could not be more privileged to collaborate with such a groundbreaking, proactive, foundational, and educational organization that is benefiting our youth,” Hawkins says.

Launching in July, Smart Gen Society will be working with every MPA team, U-10 and up, developing usable digital strategies and educating student-athletes on smart digital branding with a focus on team technology safety and development through our Smart Teams with Digital Branding Workshop. The workshop is designed to empower participants to activate authenticity and critical thinking skills including cooperation between student-athletes and MPA club families. 

“Our curriculum prioritizes the team bonding experience,” says Amie Konwinski, founder and CEO of Smart Gen Society. “SGS workshops work to instill respect, responsibility, trust and communications in student-athletes, not only for themselves but for their team, various positions, players of the opposite sex, and regard for the game. Our partnership with Midwest Premier League is a testament to MPA’s commitment to create student-athletes who are excellent humans as well as supporting a lifetime love for the game.”  

In addition to working with players, SGS will be educating and supporting parents, coaching, and MPA staff through workshops and mediation services. “The SGS Educational Suite and Media Assistance Line will assist in matters of digital, social media, and parental concerns with the MPA coaching staff and administration, through mediation, social media resets, and digital aversion programs,” says Konwinski.

"This partnership with SGS is so vitally important and foundational of building MPA. It represents our core values and brand of player and parent that this organization is building its foundational blocks on. We are implementing this partnership to show our commitment to the kids, parents, and community, not only on the pitch, but off the pitch, and in their everyday lives. Our goal is to not only build the best player in attaining their soccer goals, but to create a safe environment to empower, to educate, to build self-confidence, and to be successful humans in their life endeavors," Hawkins said.

Smart Gen Society is looking forward to being Midwest Premier Academy’s partner and point of social media support, while simultaneously educating proactive digital usage. For more information on SGS’s mission and curriculum visit smartgensociety.org or @SmartGenSoc on social media. To view details regarding Smart Gen Society’s partnership with Midwest Premier Academy visit midwestpremieracademy.com.  

SGS is an Omaha-based nonprofit operating to empower smart choices in a digital world.