SGS Featured on WOWT Nightly News at 10

SGS Featured on WOWT Nightly News at 10

Parents do their best to protect their kids, but as technology changes, so should concerns. The FBI says that the average age a person is first introduced to pornography is 12-years-old. Most parents admit they’re scared because as the times change our technology changes, just ask social media expert Amie Konwinski.

“10 years ago we told parents don’t put TVs in your room, don’t put computers in their rooms and now we’re giving them that technology with a camera and all these different applications that there is now way to keep track of them,” said Konwinski.

Amie Konwinski founded Smart Girl Style. One of her videos, covering the social media app Snapchat, has caught the attention of a lot of parents. More specifically a feature called Snap Cash, where people can pay for pictures.

Konwinski said the app opens up a whole new world to predators. From what she’s hearing, predators whether adults or their classmates can use the app to put pressure on young adults.

“Every girl that we have come into Smart Girl Style they feel the pressure — they are getting texts in 6th and 7th grade to have sex,” said Konwinski.

Tammy Blossom is one of a handful of moms taking a specialized course to keep parents in tune with what their kids already know about social media.

“I feel like my kids live in the real world — and the virtual world… I can see what’s going on in this world, but I’m trying to figure out how to maneuver and learn more about the virtual world that they’re living in,” said Blossom.

Konwinski said she wishes more parents would get involved like Blossom.

“You really need to be involved and not just hand over the device and say: ‘have fun,’ because what you’re doing is you’re handing it over and saying: ‘Here– go communicate with the entire world,'” said Amie.

According to Konwinski, 65 percent of kids have contact with the outside world. in these dangerous worst case scenarios, it all comes from those third screens: cell phones and tablets.–371761082.html