Should We Dress Like Models

Should We Dress Like Models

**This blog post was written by one of our Smart Students (and only slightly edited by our writing crew).**

YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and any other social media lately has been showing us what we are  expected to wear and what we are expected to do.

Middle schoolers seemingly no longer have awkward stages, but are looking more and more like models in their twenties. All because social media stars are influencing them into trying new things like makeup and dressing like a model.

From my point of view, those awkward stages make you who you are and without them you are  just pretending to be someone you are not. We all try hard to find the newest trend for clothing or makeup to fit in.

I mean, if you look on Instagram or other social media sites that you follow, a lot of people would say it’s the latest clothing trend page or how we should dress our kids with high-end clothing.

I know from my own experiences that when I was younger, my mom would put me in these outfits and dress me up all the time, but I never really liked it because it didn’t feel like it was me. Plus, I would always leave the house with my stomach covered up when I was in middle school and my brother always had his pants pulled all the way up.

Now, however, we see models everywhere half-naked. It affects kids and makes them think that if they want attention, they need to dress like those models.

In reality, we DON’T need to show off everything and wear makeup to get attention from anyone.

Even the people who get the attention sometimes don’t like it because it gets too overwhelming.

Think of it this way: If you dress like a model everyday throughout middle school and high school; and then one day, you walk into school with sweatpants and a hoodie, with no makeup, people are going to ask you “what’s wrong?,” “are you okay?,” or “do you need some medicine?” They will ask you those questions because they don’t view you as a person who can dress down for a day.

Another way to think about all this is asking yourself: “Who are you really trying to impress?” A group of popular kids? A guy? A girl?

The only person you should be impressing is yourself. It is not worth the time or money to “dress like a model” if you have to impress others and try to get them to like you. When it comes to other people liking you, you just need your personality.

That’s why back then we had those awkward stages because they made us who we are, they showed us things we liked and did not like. It was a learning experience that most kids will not  get anymore. In all honesty, it’s nice we have those videos on how to do makeup or the pictures of cute clothes, but they will never (and should not!) define who you really are.

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