Smart Girl is excited for Maha!

Smart Girl is excited for Maha!

Omaha girls and boys are gearing up for the exciting 10th annual Maha Music Festival on Friday, August 17th, and Saturday, August 18th in Aksarben Village.

This year, we’re so excited to join the festival as  one of their nonprofit partner booths. We even have a fun activity planned for our booth… Can anyone say scrunchies?

Our top seven reasons for loving Maha?

The music

We love the music. Okay, THAT’s an understatement. We LOVE the music.

This year’s lineup of bands includes:

The food

So many booths and kiosks filled with delicious food. Yumminess everywhere you turn!

The atmosphere

You get to have a full music lineup with hundreds (or more!) music lovers.

The fresh air

Okay, maybe it’s not so fresh, but you get to listen to awesome music and eat awesome food while at a gorgeous outdoor venue. Win-win-win!

It isn’t age-specific

You see all age ranges at Maha, so it’s perfectly okay for tweens and teens to be seen there with their parents!

It’s all about Omaha

And, we love Omaha. In fact, this year’s Maha Music Festival is coinciding with Big Omah

And a little warning

Now, we are also worry warts, so we just want to remind you and your families. If you’re going to a big eventlike Maha, revisit our blog post from College World Series on “Safety tips to avoid sex traffickers.” It may just save someone’s life or prevent someone from becoming a victim.

If you want to get up-to-speed on Maha, visit their Twitter page, their Facebook page or their website for the most updated information available and to purchase tickets!


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