Social Media for Good

Social Media for Good

Using Social Media for Good

We hear a lot about the scary side of social media – from cyberbullying to screen addiction – but the online world is far from all-negative. There are many ways to use and contribute to social media in order to make the world and your life a little bit brighter!

Ways to use social media for good:

Raise awareness about the causes you care about:

Many young people are turning to social media to raise awareness about the causes they care about. Is there a charity in your town, country or even internationally that you’re passionate about supporting? Use your social media platform to share posts from their pages and create your own posts about what you’re doing to help out.


Use social media as your online portfolio:

College and job recruiters often check up on applicants online to see if they’re posting anything that would reflect negatively on their school or company. You already know to be careful about how you portray yourself on social media, so why not take it a step further and really use social media as your chance to shine online?

If you’re interested in art or design, share pictures of your projects on social media and talk about your process in the caption. If you’re involved in a school activity like athletics or band, share pictures from your games and performances to show your dedication to your extracurriculars.


Become a thought leader on a topic you’re interested in:

Does your plant collection at home rival that of a botanical garden? Do you see every movie in theater the moment it is released? No matter how common or obscure your hobby is, there’s a good chance that other people share the same interests. By posting about your hobby online and sharing positive interactions with like-minded people, you can contribute towards a sense of community. People might even start coming to your social media platforms to learn something new!


Spread positivity online:

We all know that the internet can be a nasty place sometimes, so making a point to be positive online can go a long way in making social media platforms a happier place. When you see a post you like, leave a positive and kind comment to brighten that person’s day. If you see something that upsets you or that you don’t like, try taking a few hours to calm down instead of posting immediately in the comment section. Especially if you are finding your emotions to be affecting the desire to post, choosing to ignore someone’s post completely, without leaving a negative comment, is always an option online. However, if you think the post is something that needs to be removed or if it’s something that you think shouldn’t be online, you can report the post instead. Most applications allow these reports to be anonymous in order to encourage effective feedback from users.


Key takeaways:

Whenever you’re posting or interacting on social media, think about whether you would be okay with your friends, family and teachers seeing your post. If your answer is “yes,” then there’s a good chance you’re posting something positive online.

Remember: The more you post positively online, the more likely it is that other people will see your posts and be inspired to do the same thing!



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