Super Natural Hero: Devon Gottsch

Super Natural Hero: Devon Gottsch

Here at SGS, we believe smart girls are the true heroes in the world. We’re launching a campaign that displays the actions of girls in the community we believe are what we call “Super-Natural Heroes“.  Every week we will be featuring a girl we think is one of those Super-Natural Heroes, and this week that hero is Devon Gottsch. Devon is a Senior at Marian High School, and also a writer for their newspaper, The Network. We were inspired by what Devon has to say about her ideas on feminism.

Here’s what she had to say:

What makes you identify as a feminist?

            I would definitely consider myself a feminist because for so long, I sat back and watched all the hate and discrimination that was being directed towards women. I hated what I saw and felt pain in my heart, but I just never found my voice to speak up. In high school, I was able to blossom into my confidence and became an avid speaker and supporter of women’s rights. It bothered me when people slid in comments about oppressing women. I saw how females in the workforce were constantly halted by the glass ceiling. They were putting in just as much work as men, but they were earning unequal pay. Women can see their ideal future, but that glass ceiling makes their goals so close, yet so far away. Women are strong, powerful, independent, and unstoppable. I identify as a feminist because I strongly believe that women should be able to achieve equal cultural, economical, social, political, and personal rights without anyone stopping them.

What gives you confidence?

            I know it sounds cliche’, but my mom definitely gives me confidence. She is a very independent, confident woman who doesn’t let anyone put her down. I have learned so much from the strongest woman I know. She has taught me to always stand up for what I believe in, even if I’m standing alone.

How was that article received by your peers?

(Editor’s Note: Devon wrote an article all about girl power and feminism which is how we found her! Here’s the link to her piece: Click here!)

            Once my article was published and printed in the school newspaper, I had classmates running up to me right away congratulating me for speaking out. Feminism is not always a topic that young women want to cover because it is so controversial. By taking a chance and writing about a subject I care deeply for, my peers and teachers were able to get a small insight as to how I see the world. It takes only one person to create a powerful ripple of change.

What prompted you writing it?

            By attending an all-girls school, it has made me realize just how powerful women can really be! Every single one of my classmates is bright, beautiful, and brilliant in her own individual way. However, not many of them saw themselves how I view them. With so many hurtful and degrading Twitter accounts filtering the internet, I thought it was time for someone to take a stand.

What are your plans after high school?

            I am a senior at Marian, but I plan to attend the University of Nebraska Lincoln next year to study journalism. I had so many people telling me what to do career wise, but I thought it was time to listen to my own heart and pursue something I love.

How can girls empower each other in the community and what can Omaha be doing better for girls in the community?

            I said it best in my article, but I believe it is extremely important to appreciate your individuality. Look at your fingerprints, now look at the fingerprints of the person next to you. They are extremely different, right? If you were made to be unique in your own beautiful way, why would you ever try to be a copy of someone else? Always, always stay true to yourself and your beliefs. Omaha is a city full of bright, spirited young women who have so much untapped potential. It’s time to take a hammer to the glass ceiling ladies.

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