Surviving Freshman Year Of College

Surviving Freshman Year Of College

Surviving Freshman Year of College

By: Kelly Pearson

Going to college is exciting, scary and a big step. High school friendships will fade, but new friendships will blossom. Whether you are going to school a mile down the road, or like me, 800 miles from home, here are some things I wish I knew before going into my freshman year of college.

Your GPA is easier to lower than raise

This sounds like something your mom would tell you as a threat, but it’s real. I am now in my senior year of college and still affected by the grades I made my freshman year. Yes, C’s get degrees, but they do not help you get into pre-med, law school, grad school, nursing school or get a job where they want to know your GPA. That party that your friends say is a once in a life time event, it’ll probably happen again next weekend. So stay in and study when you need to. Then, reward yourself with cookies from the dining hall.

Greek life is a great way to meet people, but you do not have to join to make friends

I never joined a sorority. *GASP* How did I ever make friends? Greek life offers a lot socially and academically, however it is expensive and not the only organization to join on campus. My closest friends I have made from school are the people I met in the dorms. Close living quarters makes close friends.

Call your mom

Do it. Call when you need help. Call when you’re sad. Call when you’re happy. Just call your mom, she’ll appreciate it more than you know.

Professors notice who is in class

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I had an 8 a.m. calculus business course my first semester of college. It was hard. Really, really hard. All I thought to myself was: “I am a marketing major, why do I have to take this?” I was there every class, I went to my professor’s office hours, I went to the business college tutoring sessions and I might have called my mom to cry, just once. However, I showed up. Did I technically earn the grade to pass the class, not really, but I passed the class! My professor noticed how hard I was trying and gave the grade he thought I deserved. So, show up to class.

The dorms suck … the people you meet don’t

Here is the cheesy statement that was told to me and now I am going to tell to you (because it actually held true): Living in the dorms is a college experience that you will look back on and remember those being the days.

Don’t be the smelly roommate

Emily, my freshman year roommate, I am sorry. I was the smelly roommate. I am a messy person, but I tried really hard to keep my mess to myself. Dorm rooms are SMALL. At least our dorms were which were built in the seventies, shout out to Schramm Hall. What I am trying to say is be considerate that someone has to live in your mess with you, so do your best at making it minimal.

Bring tupperware or zip lock bags to the dining halls

For late night snacks, duh.

Always use the buddy system when going out

Always. Regardless of your sex, maturity or sobriety. My mother always said nothing good happens after midnight. Some colleges offer a buddy system to walk people across campus at night, if yours doesn’t, make your own. This is not a scare factor, I am giving you a reality check: 1 in 4 women are the victim of sexual assault during their undergraduate experience.

Remember that it takes time to build friendships

The first people you meet probably won’t be your lifelong friends and that is okay. It takes some time, but eventually you’ll meet your people.

Embrace your experience

College is one of the last times you will be surrounded by people who are in the same age range and lifestyle as you. Everyone around you is also away from home and starting their adult lives. With every experience you take on try to learn something new and embrace the moment.


Good luck to all of you who are soon to be venturing out on your own.

Take my advice with a grain of salt, call your mother and go make your own college experiences.

Remember to stay smart, girl

xx Kelly