The Kids Aren’t Alright…They’re Stressed Out Too

The Kids Aren’t Alright…They’re Stressed Out Too

Last year was full of uncertainty, and with this comes unease and internal struggles. In times like these, people need encouragement the most. It seems the world as a collective, is in need of a reset and recharge. As school semesters came to a close, and students are preparing for a new year amidst constant changes, it’s vital that we ask ourselves, ‘how are our younger generations handling all of this?’.

In recent months, stress levels and mental health issues have increasingly become the center of headlines and research studies. The American Psychological Association, research suggests that Generation Z (born 1996-2012) is reporting their unrest more than any other age group. On a scale of 1 (lowest amount of stress possible) and 10 (highest stress level), the average rating for Gen Z reported an average stress level of 6.1, compared to older generations whose average stress level ranked at 5 on the scale. An estimated 34% of Gen Z adults reported their mental health had worsened within the last year as Generation X followed at 21%.

Gen Z reportedly struggled with depressive symptoms the most. The highest prevalent stressors between Gen Z teens and adults included changes to schooling and planning for the future.  With this, the majority of Gen Z adults reported they have no emotional support. Gen Z is well-known for its new methods of cultivating connectedness through social media and technology outlets. During this year, other generations have followed suit. While social media platforms have been a welcome escape for many, it has also resulted in a multitude of added stressors.

As we embark on a new year, we hope your social media feed isn’t adding negativity to you or your loved ones’ headspaces. During these challenging times, however, it’s important to recognize that some goodwill is coming from this. It’s important that we can come together to share more inspiration, and engage less in the doom and gloom. Our team has taken a deep dive into some inspirational platforms to follow to help manage your own stress and fill your feeds with more positivity.

Instagram Page Recommendations

Some of the following pages contain information and terms related to mental health and wellness (i.e depression, anxiety). These pages are recommended as information resources and support through advocacy.

Self Care Tips
  • @selfcare4yu: This page is centered around self-care (hence the username). The account is full of bright and colorful posts and is managed by user @lilsrdv. Each post includes self-esteem encouragement, how-to’s, and more!
  • @stacieswift: This vividly creative page focuses on mental health advocacy, motivational posts, and self-care reminders. The account belongs to Stacie Swift is an author, illustrator, and mother based in the UK. 
  • @selfcareisforeveryone: Selfcareforeveryone is a community-based Instagram account and website featuring the artistic styles of several artists. The website features resources and merchandise such as hoodies and beanies! 
  • @alex_elle: Alexandra Elle is the author of After the Rain and podcast host of The Hey Girl Podcast. She posts positive affirmations, ‘gentle reminders’, and more encouraging lists for users.

Mental Health Information and Advocacy
  • @dearmyanxiety: Dearmyanxiety is filled with encouragement and informative content not only regarding anxiety but depression as well. The account is managed by a young woman who has anxiety herself as she aims to spread advice and awareness.
  • @dlcanxiety: Dlcanxiety is a community-centered around anxiety support. The page is filled with information, encouragement, and reposts from mental health support pages with similar ideals. The link in their bio includes links to sweatshirt merchandise, podcasts, and a book entitled How To Explain Anxiety to Your Loved Ones by Matthew Baker.
  • @healingfromptsd: Madeline Popelka is not a licensed professional, but she is someone who has experienced trauma and utilizes her soothing, pastel themed page to uplift and educate others. The link in her bio directs you to her monthly newsletter entitled Monthly Healing Magic.
  • @realdepressionproject: The Depression Project is an educational resource started by two brothers from Australia. Their website is filled with various educational books regarding mental health projects
  • @mindful_tom: Tom is a student studying psychology and mental health advocate. His reel videos are dedicated to educating and inspiring users.
  • @mentalhealthblogger: Christian is a mental health advocate and blogger. Whether it is reposted content from other helpful mental health pages, his blog posts, and handwritten sentiments to uplift his followers, he is constantly spreading awareness.

Mental Health Professionals
  • @myeasytherapy: Dr. Michaela is a mental health professional who posts helpful mental health content. Her page is filled with great tips in her highlights section and a link to a self-love toolkit in her bio!
  • @anxietyjosh: Joshua Fletcher is a psychotherapist and podcast host of The Panic Podcast. His page discusses anxiety and PTSD. His Linktree offers a tab for books, his podcast, Anxiety Therapy and his other social media.
  • @drebonyline: Dr. Ebony is a licensed psychologist who posts uplifting videos and posts content. Some of her most popular work is her therapy cards deck and her page includes a link to a website with more helpful resources. 
  • @millenial.therapist: Sarah Kuburic is a Ph.D. candidate who is currently based in Australia. With helpful ‘note to self’ posts, gentle reminders, and more enlightening content, you are sure to gain some knowledge from this page. 
  • @theempoweredtherapist: Dr. Danica Davis is a therapist who focuses on trauma, self-care, healing, and equity. Her website includes a blog full of helpful resources and information to help stay encouraged during these difficult times.

We hope this list was helpful as it was a pleasure to create. We hope to remind you that no one is alone, and there is always support available.

Smart GEN Society wants you to know that we care. We are mindful of the importance of mental and emotional health/we recognize the importance of mental health. We are willing/dedicated to be a safe space and to provide a listening ear. Although we are not mental health professionals, we are available to direct you to helpful resources. Our hours of operation are Monday- Friday from 9 am-4 pm. Please call us at (402) 505-3993.