Top 8 Freelancer Tools

Top 8 Freelancer Tools

Being a freelancer can often times be overwhelming. Whether you’re a writer, graphic designer, life coach or trying to launch your own consulting business – it’s hard to manage the day to day aspects.

How do you file your taxes? Where do you work? Can I write this off as a business expense? Do I need to be worrying about my personal brand? Should I hire a lawyer? 

As an on-again-off-again freelancer, I have asked myself all of these questions and more, but with a little help from the internet a lot of these menial tasks can be managed for you without distracting from what you really want to do.

Here are my tried and true top 8 freelancer tools for beginners:

Wunderlist – Wunderlist is an app you can download on your computer orphone and it’s basically a giant to-do list. You can organize your items by category and share the list with others and it’s pretty much a life saver for those of us with crazy schedules

Erin Condren Life Planner – This is actually what I use to keep track of my schedule. I love the three boxes because each box represents a different aspect of my day: Freelance stuff, errands etc.

Toggl – This allows you to literally track time. You click a button when you start your task and it logs the time it takes you to complete a task. This is pretty perfect for clients that bill hourly and a great way of keeping track of how much time you spend on each client.

Shoeboxed – This has been a Godsend. You can log all of your receipts for business expenses like client meetings, travel expenses and other possible write offs. This makes accounting and taxes go so much quicker.

Dropbox  – We use Dropbox all the time here at SGS. It’s the best place to store files and information that can be easily shared for multiple people and across different devices.

Wave – This is your accounting best friend. It keeps track of payroll, accounting, whether or not you’ve been paid by your clients and so much more.

Buffer – Social media scheduling at its finest, Buffer makes planning and executing social content super easy and user friendly.

Shake- Shake is your personal lawyer. If you need help writing a contract and sending it along, then Shake is the place to go. It has pre-loaded templates or you can write your own!

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