Welcome To Our New SGS Site!

Welcome To Our New SGS Site!

Welcome To Our Newly Redesigned Website!

Smart Girl Society, Inc., is an Omaha-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are working to educate and inspire the new generation of girls to be smart and confident, along with their parents, families, and educators. Digital Safety is something important in today’s fast and evolving technologically-centric world. We provide families, parents, and educators with tools and resources to help them along the way with new social media applications, resources, and blog posts. We also help young girls and women navigate through life during each stage.

Workshops and Development Events:

From national to local, our workshops and development events focus on a number of different topics. We understand that life and technology can be challenging for everyone. We have specific events for parents and families, for educators, and for teens.

  • Parents: These events are for learning how to parent in a social media-driven world. We want parents to have insightful and meaningful conversations about social media and their girls’ digital media usage.
  • Teens: We want young girls to find their voice, value themselves, their educational opportunities, develop healthy social skills, and more. Each workshop and team development opportunity is designed for certain age groups, so each girl can feel comfortable and know she is not alone in a workshop of her peers.
  • Educators:  You are teaching the next generation of girls and for some you might be a role model. You are also hearing more about the students in your classes and what’s going on with them socially. It’s important to keep up on the technology your students are using and what could potentially be dangerous for them or put them in alarming situations.
  • National: We travel locally and nationally to speak about Smart Girl Society, and are happy guests with the Girl Scouts nationally.
  • Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska: This workshop is based on four pillars:
    • Confidence
    • Leadership
    • Scholarship
    • Authenticity

Resources Available:

We make this accessible for parents and teens because sometimes you need guidance. We tailor each resources page for parents and teens. We know being a parent to a teenager can be tricky on how to go about applications and social media usage.We also know it is hard to be a teenager. For more advice and tips, go to our pages:


It is important to know you’re not alone in a situation; this is even more important for parents and teens. Our blogs provide support and life lesson tips. At the time, you may feel like you’re the only one going through this, but most of the time someone else has experienced this moment as well. This is why we created our blog. We have sectioned them into three categories:

  • Teens  
  • Parents and Educators  
  • Technology

This makes it easy to navigate through this section of the website.

Our Social Media Profiles:

We are so excited about our new website, but we want to keep you updated on new blogs, workshops and more. Follow us on social media:

Our Community Partners:

We have a number of Community Partners in Omaha. We think it is important for the community to come together.  

As a nonprofit in the area we are always taking donations, and looking for more community partners.  

If you have any questions or want to get involved, our team of professionals can assist you.  Contact us today!