What Do Moms Think Kids Might Be Missing Out On These Days?

What Do Moms Think Kids Might Be Missing Out On These Days?

This Sunday is Mother’s Day; a day to celebrate the special women in our lives who raised us or are raising us, sacrifice for us, and love us unconditionally. So many of the moms who come to our workshops worry about technology. While social media and technology can be a blessing, they also take away from children’s lives, too. There are several activities that kids today may be missing out on that moms wish they could bring back.

What Do Moms Think Kids Might Be Missing Out On These Days?

Board games

Okay, we must admit, more than a few sibling brawls have broken out over board games throughout the years, but they help build communication skills, math skills, strategic thinking, and others.

Playing outside

With screens so readily available, some kids don’t take advantage of playing outside with others  their own age. They miss out on creative play, communication-building, conflict resolution, and other skills that come from outside play. Not to mention the benefits of physical exercise and fresh air!

Being bored

Depriving the brain of screen time and constant stimulation causes the brain to find other ways to entertain itself. Without boredom forcing the issue, the brain just keeps receiving stimulation, and over time, can lose the ability to entertain itself.

Healthy relationships

From friendships that are completely online, to dating relationships that range from online or texting to wholly inappropriate ones, moms today worry that kids aren’t developing the right life skills to start or maintain healthy relationships.

Family time

With technology so readily available, quality time is beginning to take a backseat for many families. While this can be blamed on the hectic pace of life, it is now common in restaurants to see kids (and parents!) on their phones at the table.

Healthy sleep

Many moms also worry about their children’s sleep cycles and whether or not they’re getting enough rest each night. With notifications constantly going off, unlimited content to watch and read, and other kids staying up all night, chances are that your child may be tempted to steal some screen time after lights-out. However, this can cause them to miss out on some precious REM time in the interim. If this becomes a regular occurence, mood swings and behavioral differences won’t take too long to appear.

The most important thing that moms worry kids might be missing out on these days?

One mom we spoke with noted that she had just a conversation with her daughter in which she expressed her worry that she won’t learn “how to love yourself” without the feedback of others. Instead, her self-esteem is being fueled by the likes and comments she receives.


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