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In the Research & Policy Sector of SGS, we focus on two areas: Education and Law. We aim to update educational policy as well as state and federal laws surrounding digital media use, privacy, and safety. Our Research & Policy mission is to leave a heavy impact on not only the habits of students, teachers, and families through our practical digital media strategies but to also enact lasting change in school districts and families. Within the next 3 years, we aim to affect educational policy in Nebraska and continue to grow this impact to surrounding states in the Midwest. Our research and policy advocacy at SGS is empowering future generations to be informed and to critically think for themselves on important digital media issues regarding safety, privacy, and content. Our organization is researching the long-term effects of digital media including screen time, cyberbullying, anxiety, FOMO, digital addiction, and more. Our mission is to implement application algorithms to strengthen digital privacy laws, and to protect the digital (and physical) security of our society - especially our children. Smart GEN Society aims to be a household name in which we are your one stop shop for all research on all things digital. 



Publish Ongoing Case Studies and Resources for Digital Media

Top 100 Apps (social media, multi-player gaming, virtual reality, single player gaming) Researched and Rated on SGS App

Publish a Book in 2019

Continue to build partnerships with other like-minded non-profits

Research Policy and change on internet privacy safety and content

Build relationships with government officials

Develop Relationship with Law Enforcement and Juvenile Courts.

Nebraska Unicameral Bill Sponsor