We offer workshops for girls, parents and educators, to develop Smart and Confident Girls! If you want your daughters to think critically and independently, its time to get them involved in Smart Girl Society!


Being a parent today is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help you be intentional, smart parents! You will find lots of great resources on this page, including videos, links to other sites and help with managing your kid’s social media.

Girl Scouts

Bring your troop in for the Four Pillars of Being a Smart Girl: Confidence, Leadership, Scholarship, Authenticity. Look for Smart Girl Society in the Nebraska Girl Scouts Collaboration Guide.

Team Development

Bring your team in for this unique bonding experience and together develop four winning strategies: Communication, Respect, Responsibility, and Trust.

Babysitting CPR

This course gives teenagers all the tools they need to be a great babysitter! From safety and responsibilities to professional interactions with the parents…and everything in-between, including FUN.

Counseling Services

Ashley Wiles, MS, PLMHP, NCC and our Director of Athletic Counseling offers her counseling services through Smart Girl Society. Services are available for girls, couples and families, and are low fee based.