8Chan 18+

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  • Privacy

    8Chan supports hate speech.  It is not recommended for anyone.

    Was linked to numerous mass shootings in 2019.

  • Safety

    Does not require user's to create an account to access forms creating complete anonymity.

    User's have free reign to post or say anything they like.

    Unable to be monitored

  • Content

    What 8Chan says, "Imageboard website composed of user-created message boards. An owner moderates each board, with minimal interaction from the site administration."

    What SGS says, "Like it's counterpart 4Chan, 8Chan is loosely monitored at best. It's a gathering place for white supremacists and right-wing nationalists who take advantage of the freewheeling and anonymous nature of the boards. 8Chan has been linked to mass shootings such as the El Paso, Texas Masscure in 2019. Although this website is offline please shy away from the dangers this site and sites like this provide. Since being offline they have popped up again. Stay cautious and stay away."

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