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  • Privacy

    No Longer Available on Apple or Google Play Stores.

    Accesses user's contact list and send text messages stating, "People are talking about you on After School, sign up to see what they are saying."

    Company uses a data-based collection model and data point selling for profit.

    Asks users over 18 to share a snapshot of their drivers license to unlock "Adult Content."

    Tracks user's locations and uses the data for profit.

    Privacy Policy

  • Safety

    Anonymous based platform, creating a false sense of security to go off brand.

    Connects directly to Facebook, allowing students to be called out in dangerous polls and update daily on what their classmates say about them.  Actual questions asked in poll:   "Would you rather Imax or Climax with (Student name withheld)?" and "Would you have sex at school with (Student name withheld)?" 

    Students can be held liable for postings, even though it is an anonymous platform.  

    Parents do not have the ability to monitor.

    To remove your under 13 child's data, contact:

  • Content

    What After School says, "After School is an anonymous and private message board for your school."

    What SGS says, "After School offers students the ability to post about their classmates without taking the responsibility of their words or actions.  After a four week review of a local high school's After School feed, SGS found the majority of posts were off-brand.  We do not recommend this app for any middle school or high school student.  If you want your student to remain on brand, keep them off After School."

    Anonymous posting, direct messaging, gossip, bullying, polling, extreme inappropriate content, language, sexualization, objectification, pornography, alcohol/drug transactions.

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