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  • Privacy

    Company uses data based collection model and data point selling for profit.  Collects and shares data such as:  Name, username, password, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, mobile phone number, payment information, gender, birth year, political registration and voting and user-generated content.  Also collects Digital hardware identifiers including: IP addresses, unique device identifiers, your mobile phone or other mobile device(s) browser types, browser language, operating system, were you've browsed and how long you stayed there.

    Connects with Facebook and has access to all your shared Facebook data.

    Has a private mode.

    Privacy Policy

  • Safety

    Anonymous based platform, creating a false sense of security to go off brand.

    Students can be held liable for postings, even though it is an anonymous platform.  

    Allows Direct messaging.

    Parents do not have the ability to monitor.

  • Content

    What says, " where you find out more about your friends by seeing their answers to questions you send their way. Ask anonymously or not. It’s entertaining, easy to use, and you'll be surprised how much you learn about other people and even yourself."

    What SGS says," can range from harmless to bullying; Unfortunately, this app is much like what Forrest Gump's Mama used to say, 'you never know what your gonna get.'  We do not recommend this app for any middle school or early high school student.  If you want your student to remain on brand, keep them off."  

    Gossip, polling, bullying, inappropriate content, sexualization, objectification, profanity.

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