Bunch 18+

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  • Privacy

    Collects and sells data 

    The app tracks your location 

    Privacy Policy 

  • Safety

    Unable to be monitored 

    Unmonitored live video streaming and gaming

    Terms of Service

  • Content

    What Bunch says, "Bunch is the first group video chat app for multiplayer games. It allows you to party up with friends over the video, and jump into your favorite multiplayer games together. It's just like a house party - with amazing games you can play with friends - anytime, anywhere."

    What SGS says, "Bunch is similar to house party except it allows users to play games while video chatting with friends. Instead, try other video options that allow users to share their screen and play games that way."

    Offers opportunities for exploitation, pornography, sexualization, objectification, gossip, polling, bullying, inappropriate content and profanity 

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