Moco 18+

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  • Privacy

    This app is intended for 18+, not for children

    Collects and sells data

    The app tracks your location and shares your general location with individuals using the app

    No private setting

    Privacy Policy

  • Safety

    Unable to be monitored

    Allows direct messaging with virtual strangers

    Offers user anonymity

    Terms of Service

  • Content

    What Moco says, "Chat and hangout with people nearby who are online NOW! Have fun, make new friends, play games and more, all 100% FREE. Moco is the largest social network of African Americans and Hispanics / Latinos in the world!"

    What SGS says, "Moco is not to be used by anyone under the age of 18. Although not specifically stated there are hints that this app encourages dating and sexual relationships among its users. You should avoid meeting someone for the first time online. If you do want to meet people online try a more protected platform."

    Opportunity for exploitation, pornography, sexualization, objectification

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