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  • Privacy

    Collects and sells data

    Offers private setting, can only be granted access through paid subscriptions

    Requests access to members photo ID and social security number

    Privacy Policy

  • Safety

    Offers direct messaging between users and fans

    Allows live video streaming among strangers

    Unable to be monitored

    Website accesses your location

    Terms of Service

  • Content

    What OnlyFans says, "OnlyFans is a content subscription service based in London, England. Content creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content—the "fans". It allows content creators to receive funding directly from their fans on a monthly basis as well as one-time tips and the pay-per-view (PPV) feature."

    What SGS says, "OnlyFans is used as a subscription site for personalized pornography. Although it is not available through any app store it can easily be accessed through its website on any device. Anyone can sell on OnlyFans but the most popular are celebrity accounts. If your child has this on their phone it is being used to look at nude photos and should be removed immediately."

    Opportunity for sexual violence, sexual content, child pornography, profanity and more.

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