Snapchat 15+

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  • Privacy

    Snapchat is not intended to be used for children under 13. 

    Collects and sells data

    Geographical tracking using Google Maps

    Tracks location

    Privacy Policy 

  • Safety

    False sense of security based upon "Anonymous" cloak
    Can be held liable for postings

    Allows direct messaging

    Unable to be monitored

  • Content

    What Snapchat says, "Life's more fun when you live in the moment smile Happy Snapping!"

    What SGS says, "We recently ungraded Snapchat to two stars, because they discontinued Snapcash.  If you allow your 15+ on this app, have frequent conversations about content." 

    Often used to share self-made pornography 

    Gossip, polling, bullying, inappropriate content, sexualization, objectification, profanity 


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