VSCO 15+

  • Privacy

    Follows COPPA Laws

    Collects and sells data

    Tracks location

    Privacy Policy

  • Safety

    Allows Direct messaging

    Unable to monitor

    Offers a private setting

    Terms of Service

  • Content

    What VSCO says, "VSCO is a photo company. We build creative tools and a community-driven by self-expression. Our mission is to equip, educate, and inspire anyone on the journey towards realizing their creative potential. VSCO is a place to express yourself, make beautiful photos and videos, and connect with a creative community. Edit with a variety of mobile presets and tools while exploring original content made by creators around the world."

    What SGS says, "Be careful of the hidden fees.  The app can charge you $19.99 per year, plus in-app purchases."

    Photos may contain profanity, nudity, violence as well as drug and alcohol references

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