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  • Privacy

    Collects and sells data

    The app tracks your location

    No private setting

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  • Safety

    Gains access to your credit or debit card information

    Unable to be monitored

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  • Content

    What Wanelo says, "Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is the best way to shop on your phone. Millions of people use it to find and buy products they love. All products on Wanelo are posted by users. Products include fashion, clothes and accessories for women, men, and kids, as well as home decor and furniture. Find the best dress, shoes or gadgets. Create a universal wishlist with products from stores around the world!"

    What SGS says, "Although I great concept, customer ratings are not positive. Most users never saw their orders delivered or received them months after the promised date. Although this app may be a way to shop and save some try a more trustworthy source. With everything posted by its users you never know what may come to your door."

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