Digital Wellness

Our Digital Wellness Program provides one-on-one and group support.

Whether you are dealing with a digital media crisis or trying to prevent one from happening, we are here to help. Our trained experts provide an array of services designed to both restore and enhance your digital well-being.

Intervention Consulting

  • Brand Audit and Reset
    • Smart Gen Society (SGS) will evaluate your online presence to identify strengths and weaknesses of your online brand and provide you with a report of findings. Following this, the client can review the report with a SGS expert to fix any problematic findings. This audit is especially beneficial for college applicants, candidates seeking employment, athletes at all levels, parents and caregivers, or anyone looking their social media impact. 
  • Device Audit
    • SGS will look into a specific concern or provide an overall report after taking a deep dive into a digital device. An SGS expert will request permission to the device in its entirety, in addition to a list of usernames and known passwords to look through each app and social media platform. 
  • Harmful Social Media Evaluation (Cyberbullying, Digital Dependency, FOMO, etc.) 
    • We will evaluate situations involving harmful online behavior and review options to potentially help solve the situation. 
  • Family and Caregiver Digital Planning 
    • SGS will sit down with family members to discuss digital device conflicts and work together to form a plan best suited for your family rules and boundaries. 

Conflict Resolution

Smart Gen Society offers a variety of conflict resolution services facilitated by certified mediators with social media expertise.

  • Restorative Youth Conferencing
    • This is a subset of restorative justice mediation that applies when one or more youths are involved. The process is party driven with a neutral mediator facilitating the discussion. The harming party must take accountability for their actions in order for this conferencing to take place.  
  • Digital Co-Parenting Plan
    • This mediation is designed for co-parenting individuals who want a consistent and mutually agreed upon plan for how digital devices will be managed in both households. 
  • Court Appointed or Diversionary Restorative Justice Mediation
  • Consultative Mediation
    • This mediation encompasses any digital issues between two or more individuals outside of those mentioned above. 

Crisis Roadmapping

Smart Gen Society can help navigate instances where a digital crisis has occurred.  Please submit the form below to contact us about your digital crisis. 

For reference or for immediate help, please see the below agencies.

911 – Emergency Medical services. 

988 – Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.  24/7 call, text and chat access to trained crisis counselors who can help with suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, mental health crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress.  This service is also available regarding a loved one. 

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Cyber Tipline – 800-843-5678

Boys Town National Hotline – 800-448-3000.  24/7 counselors for parenting advice or mental health crisis.   

WCA Women’s Center for Advancement – 402-345-7273.  24/7 Crisis hotline serving anyone in the Omaha area who is experiencing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, or human trafficking.   

Project Harmony – 402-595-1326.  Child abuse, missing youth, and anti-trafficking protection services.   

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services – Mandatory Reporter Hotline 800-652-1999. SGS and all individuals have a duty to report suspected child abuse or neglect to either law enforcement or by calling a child abuse hotline. (Nebraska Revised Statute 28-711) 

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children ‘Take It Down’

This service is one step you can take to help remove online nude, partially nude, or sexually explicit photos and videos taken before you were 18.