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8 USC 1232: Enhancing efforts to combat the trafficking of children



18 USC 1591: Sex trafficking of children or by force, fraud, or coercion

18 USC 2251: Sexual exploitation of children

18 USC 2252: Certain activities relating to material involving the sexual exploitation of minors

18 USC 2252B: Misleading domain names on the Internet

18 USC 2252C: Misleading words or digital images on the Internet

18 USC 2258D: Limited liability for NCMEC

18 USC 2259A: Assessments in child pornography cases

18 USC 2260: Production of sexually explicit depictions of a minor for importation into the United States

18 USC 2422: Coercion and enticement

18 USC 2423: Transportation of minors

18 USC 2425: Use of interstate facilities to transmit information about a minor

18 USC 2427: Inclusion of offenses relating to child pornography in definition of sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense


28-311. Criminal child enticement; attempt; penalties.

28-311.01. Terroristic threats; penalty.

28-311.02. Stalking and harassment; legislative intent; terms, defined.

28-311.08. Unlawful intrusion; photograph, film, or record image or video of intimate area; distribute or make public; penalty; court; duties; registration under Sex Offender Registration Act; statute of limitations.

28-319.01. Sexual assault of a child; first degree; penalty.

28-320.01.Sexual assault of a child; second or third degree; penalties.

28-320.02. Sexual assault; use of electronic communication device; prohibited acts; penalties.

28-707. Child abuse; privileges not available; penalties.

28-709. Contributing to the delinquency of a child; penalty; definitions.

28-710. Act, how cited; terms, defined.

28-711. Child subjected to abuse or neglect; report; contents; toll-free number.

28-713. Reports of child abuse or neglect; law enforcement agency; department; duties; rules and regulations.

28-716. Person participating in an investigation or making report; immune from liability; civil or criminal.

28-717. Violation; penalty.

28-728. Legislative findings and intent; child abuse and neglect investigation team; child advocacy center; child abuse and neglect treatment team; powers and duties.

28-730. Records and information; access; disclosure; limitation; review of cases; immunity; violation; penalty.

28-813. Obscene literature or material; prepares; distributes; promotes; penalty.

28-813.01. Sexually explicit conduct; visual depiction; unlawful; penalty; affirmative defense; forfeiture of property.

28-830. Human trafficking; forced labor or services; terms, defined.

28-831. Human trafficking; labor trafficking or sex trafficking; labor trafficking of a minor or sex trafficking of a minor; prohibited acts; penalties.

28-833. Enticement by electronic communication device; penalty.

28-1463.03. Visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct; prohibited acts.

28-1463.04. Violation; penalty.

28-1463.05. Visual depiction of sexually explicit acts related to possession; violation; penalty.

79-875. Student teacher or intern, defined.

79-879.  Policy regarding appropriate relationships with students; contents.